Coffee News 10 Whys

Ten Reasons to consider Coffee News Print Advertising.

REPETITION: Ads run week after week at a rate lower than spot advertising with other print media. Even small businesses can afford to advertise regularly. Repetition and consistency bring results!

TARGET MARKET: If you want to target your local neighborhood market (as well as the tourists who visit), there’s no better way. It’s all about precision.

EXCLUSIVITY: While you continue to advertise in your local edition of Coffee News, you’ll be the only advertiser in your business category? Forever. This effectively locks out your competition.

EDITS: You can make changes to your ad with a phone call or an email. And – unless you start over from scratch – there’s no charge.

CAMPAIGNS: Coffee News® can be the perfect, hands-on complement to other marketing and advertising strategies. We can run facebook ads, sponsored posts etc for you! Check us out on facebook.

THE POSITIVE VIBE: When potential Coffee News® customers see your ad, they’re already is a positive frame of mind… reading the good news.

FACEBOOK: All advertisers can post on our Facebook page with news, events, updates and promotions. It is a fun, social site that is all local with a dash of coffee humor.

ONLINE: All ads have an online presence whether its Facebook or on our website as long as they’re running in the Coffee News®… additional exposure at no additional cost.

TOP OF MIND: Weekly repetition enables you to keep “Top of Mind” to influence your potential customers purchases.

CONCENTRATED: Coffee News is everywhere.. People are always saying “I see Coffee News everywhere!”.